Where do we source our Essential Oils from?

Our Oils don't all come from the one place. We source what we believe to be the best oils in the market place, which means that we gather oils from all over Australia. Some come direct from Farmers, some come from high retail brands such as Doterra, and Young Living and others come from organic essential oil wholesalers.  


What is the difference between Essential Oils and Synthetic Oils?

Pure essential oils are 100% true to the plant from which it is derived.  A synthetic oil is made by blending synthetic chemical compounds in a lab to duplicate the scent of the plant instead of the pure essential oil. Synthetic oils are known to be more affordable and may smell very similar to the essential oils we know and love, but they do not have the therapeutic affect on our minds and bodies as 100% pure essential oils do. 100% pure essential oils have long been regarded for their healing powers and positive influences of our mind and body, while synthetics are widely known for their harsh effects on our bodies with their damaging behaviours.

Why choose Essential Oils for skincare?

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and up to 70% of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your blood stream. Synthetics are man-made chemicals created to imitate perfumes and therapeutic claims that natural products do, except instead of having a positive effect on your body - they can be very damaging for you and your long term health. Some of the worst types of synthetics are Phthalates and Parabens. These are very popular in beauty products across the board. They are widely known as a carcinogen and hormone disrupter which can have very damaging effects.

Essential Oils used in our product range are safe to use, and do not cause any negative health concerns. Essential Oils alter/improve our emotions, moods and physical health ailments when used correctly. The oils work when inhaled through the nasal passages and have a direct effect on our body tissue and organs when massaged onto the skin.

Can Essential Oils cause skin irritation?

Pure essential oils are capable of irritating sensitive skin if used incorrectly.  The most common reason why people react to pure essential oils is due to the absence of a quality carrier oil. All of our products designed for topical use have suitable carrier oils present, dramatically reducing the risk of a skin irritation.

The most common oils that can cause irritation include herbs such as Lemongrass and Basil, and citrus oils such as Orange and Lemon. If unsure, always do a Patch Test on inner arm before use. 

How do Essential Oils work?

The two most valuable avenues to use essential oils are through inhaling and being applied topically. From the moment the essential oils are airborne and makes contact with the sensory nerves in our nasal cavity,  information is conveyed directly to the brain and to the limbic system where pleasure, memory and emotion are conveyed.

The molecules of essential oils are so small in size that when applied topically they are able to pass through the outer layer of the epidermis. Once they enter the bloodstream essential oils target specific areas of the body with their healing benefits. Some oils take action within seconds once absorbed into the body.


What are mineral oils and why are they contested?

Mineral oils are made from petroleum and are often used as a base for baby oils. They are not a suitable medium for massage with essential oils as they do not absorb into the skin.

Instead they lay on the surface and therefore stop the skin from functioning effectively.

The body cannot cope with mineral oils so they are deposited in the tissue as toxin. Mineral oils are dead oils that diminish the positive effect of essential oils and disrupt the natural function and processes of the skin.